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Niba Nirmal

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Site Coordinator, PBS NOVA Science Studio (she/her/hers)

Niba Nirmal

Degree: MS Genetics, BS Genetics and Genomics

Occupation: Site Coordinator, Multimedia Science Communicator

Field/Focus: Plants, Climate Change, Genetics, Science Communication

University/Company/Sector: PBS NOVA Science Studio, Notes By Niba

Interesting about Niba: "I’m Niba and I create science content! I write articles, coordinate social media, produce videos, and talk about science communication. You can find me on my website or my Instagram @NotesByNiba. My YouTube channel @NotesByNiba explores the science of beauty, fashion, and skincare. In my free time I like petting cats (whether they belong to me or not), weird chip flavors, comics, and adding to my plant collection."

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