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Noor Jailkhani

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Postdoctoral Researcher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (she/her)

Noor Jailkhani

Degree: PhD in Immunology, focus on cell signaling and systems biology Occupation: Postdoctoral Researcher Field/Focus: Cancer biology/Immuno-oncology/ Tumor microenvironment (TMEN)/Extracellular matrix/Bioengineering/Nanobody based noninvasive in vivo imaging and therapy (such as CAR-T cells). My current focus is to understand the role of the TMEN in cancer progression and metastases and exploit targets in the TMEN using nanobody based imaging and therapeutic strategies such as immuno-cytokines. University/Company/Sector: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Interesting about Noor: "While I have spent most of my adult life thinking about and doing science, in a parallel universe I host a food and travel show where I get to eat the best food from across the globe.​"

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